Great for dual purpose- precision xtra blood glucose and ketone monitoring system

There are several makers of blood glucose monitoring systems. These kinds of blood glucose meters have now become a fundamental piece of the home monitoring kits and make it less complicated to keep an eye on the diabetes control plan. A diabetes patient could also encounter diabetic ketoacidosis once the level of ketones is excessive These are typically toxic acids and their piling up may lead to additional complications. There are meters that examine the blood sugar levels. You need to individually test for the ketones within the body. The Precision Xtra Blood glucose and ketone monitoring system is an incredible merchandise of the Abbott’s which allows you to check blood glucose and ketone with the same meter and also test strips.

Much more about Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System

It is really an all-inclusive meter offered from Abbott Diabetes Care. It is made to offer stress free testing. Its ease lies in simple icon driven menus which makes it possible for any new user to use it. It essentially minimizes problems that you could otherwise feel in blood sugar monitoring. The best part is that it performs the dual performance. You typically can look at the glucose levels with one meter and ketone with other. Nonetheless, Precision Xtra allows you to easily and suitably execute the test using the same meter and also the same testing strips.

On the list of additional features, it is highly relevant to note the blood sample size for this model is only 0.6 micro liters. The test time is around 5 seconds. Moreover it features a special automatic shut off function that assists preserve life of the battery. The memory is big with the capacity to store around 450 test results. This lets you examine the results later on and evaluate the trends. It has alternate site testing offering flexibility to evaluate on the forearm, upper arm or base of thumb. This can give your fingers some rest and result in significantly less discomfort.

Aside from these basic features, the test strip has been designed in such a manner there’s least interference from particular medication that the user could be taking. What it means is that medicines such as aspirin, acetaminophen or vitamin C wouldn’t normally obstruct the test results neither change the accuracy of results. The ketone test is thrice faster than before and requires 70% significantly less blood. No manual coding is essential thus keeping little or no scope for error.

The patented Precision SmartChip engineering that it makes use of permits easy upgrade to new strip technology. Furthermore it prevents utilization of out of date test strips. There is also a fill trigger system which inhibits the test from starting till the adequate quantity of blood sample occurs. This permits minimizing errors and repeat tests and test strips utilized read full article. Moreover it is possible to end fill or top fill having visual confirmation for glucose and ketone test sample. The test sample is a whole blood capillary sample.

Usually the Precision Xtra blood glucose and ketone monitoring system includes the meter, an end user guide, quick reference manual, EasyTouch lancing device, 10 thin Lancets, carrying case and so on.

If you would like dual-purpose meter, that allows glucose and ketone level monitoring, in that case Precision Xtra fits the bill perfectly. Make certain you routinely look into the glucose levels and also the ketone levels as prescribed by the doctor or instructor.