For the very best absinthe thujone levels need to be controlled

If you want to get pleasure from sipping absinthe alcohol safely then for best absinthe thujone levels need to be managed. Most countries have anyway set a maximum limit to the amount of thujone that can be contained in absinthe and ensuring these safe levels will assist you to enjoy the heady buzz of absinthe in a safe manner.

Absinthe is actually a strong alcoholic spirit that contains Artemisia Absinthium or Grande Wormwood in addition to fennel and anise, and the resultant drink has a flavor of licorice. Even though the drink began as a multi-purpose medicine in early 1800s, its side-effect was a heady buzz absinthe flavoring that soon caught the fancy of soldiers and the general public that soon began thronging absinthe bars and cafes in the bid to satisfy their thirst for the potent new drink. Absinthe is also referred to as absinth or absinthe green fairy or just as being the green fairy as a result of presence of chlorophyll in some of the herbal ingredients of this exhilarating drink.

However, the absinthe fairy soon lost its charm as regular drinkers succumbed to some of the side effects that were associated with this potent drink. Opponents of absinthe claimed that drinkers suffered from seizures, convulsions, blindness, and also went mad after drinking absinthe alcohol. They even claimed that drinkers quickly turned into criminals upon consuming the green fairy in increased quantities. This led to a ban on absinthe in most European countries and in the USA too in the early 1900s. The issue was tracked to high levels of thujone found in wormwood. This caused the green fairy to turn toxic and cause a number of the mentioned problems while other issues simply seemed to be exaggerated by the opponents of absinthe.

However, the ban made certain that absinthe liquor was sent underground where drinkers still enjoyed them on the sly. Several cousins of absinthe such as the martini also made a legal entry into the market while additional research on absinthe thujone determined that if thujone levels were managed at lower levels then this drink wasn’t any more dangerous than some other alcoholic drink available in the market. The result was that absinthe was formally welcomed back in the USA and many other European countries which had banned it.

The only real difference as soon as the ban was lifted was that a majority of countries now specified a maximum limit of thujone that was allowed to be present in each kilogram of absinthe. Thus, the USA and the Eu allows sale of absinthe that contains less than 10 mg per kilogram of absinthe along with a few other conditions, while Quebec in Canada allows 5 mg per kilogram of absinthe. If you want to try a tempting new alcoholic drink having a robust flavor and heady absinthe effects then you can safely drink absinthe liquor without experiencing any problems related to thujone.

Absinthe has experienced a troubled past due to misguided beliefs together with certain ingredients which caused health problems when used in excess. However, modern science has located the problems and cleared the misconceptions so that you can safely enjoy your absinthe drink to your fullest. For best absinthe thujone levels need to be controlled to enable you to sip on real absinthe alcohol without any problems for your system or your mind.